Our Tea Variants

Red Neelam 7 Premium & Blue Neelam 11 Premium

We take pride in calling this chai the most loved one out of our bunch of teas! It bestows a royal experience with each sip! The blend of this tea has been perfected time and again to make your tea-drinking experience better and better! Looking for something strong and soothing, Neelam 7 Premium is a perfect brew for you! Looking for something mild with a perfect flavor to enjoy your music or ‘me-time’, Neelam 11 Premium is undoubtedly the perfect pick!
Our premium teas can be your perfect cup of chai in the morning to give you a regal start or a perfect brew for your splendid tea party.

Red Black Neelam Premium Fanning & Green Neelam Premium Family Mixture

They say that a cup of tea makes everything better! Well this tea will enhance your tea- drinking experience! Neelam Premium Fanning is your cup of tea for replenishment. Its soothing taste and aroma will refresh you and make you feel energetic. Neelam Premium Family Mixture is, as the name suggests, carefully crafted blend, which is ‘Everyone’s Favorite’. This premium tea is your comforting cup of chai for early mornings, stressful times, sneaky chai breaks, afternoon tea parties or a balmy evening teatime!

Orange Neelam Strong Fanning & Green Neelam Special Brokens

This chai has such good texture; you will want it in all kinds of weather! This chai is made from specially handpicked leaves and blended perfectly to get the best texture of CTC Tea. Neelam Strong Fanning is the ‘kadak chai’ that you are looking for on a long day! Whereas Neelam Special Brokens is the most chosen one by all the Neelam Chai Lovers! So looking for an ultimate pick? Try a cup of Neelam Special Brokens and as our tea lovers say, “it will mesmerize you with its aroma and color!”

18 Patti Nandini Special Patti & 18 Dano Nandini Special Dano

Talking about tea is the most exhilarating thing for us but talking over tea is something we all savour. Looking for a kettle that will accompany you in all you tittle-tattle? This tea is your all time cut-price companion! Be it your brew to start a day that looks tough to go through or a magical chai cup that you want to devour starring at the stars, this one is the finest choice!